CNC Wire-Cutting, Mirror Electrical Discharge, Processing of High Speed Milling Machine and FormingGrinding.

Precision Plastic Mold Designing,Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Molding and Metal Injection Molding.

Pulse power to strengthen the adhesion
Flexible space design
Target material effect varied

  • icon Plastic injection
  • icon Optical design
  • icon Sputtering foundry
  • icon Medical products


Core Technology

1.CNC / line cutting, mirror discharge, high-speed milling machine, forming grinding processing

2.Precision plastic mold design, manufacturing, plastic injection molding

3.Excellent design capabilities and continuous research and development technology, the pursuit of high-quality mold and high-precision

Operational policy:

  • Precision plastic whole process development
  • Cost and process strategy
  • Cross - industry technology integration
  • New market new areas
  • Train services

Business project:

  • Optical design
  • Mold manufacturing
  • Precision molding
  • Spraying, printing, assembly
  • Vacuum sputtering

Optical technology

1.Improve the efficiency of light, in the same light-emitting angle requirements, the rich design can be more common than the general increase10%~20%

2.Uniform illumination, the use of unique optical design, so that the illumination is more uniform, more comfortable in space

3.Effective handling of yellow halo problems, unique experience for light control, can effectively deal with yellow halo problems

4.Solve the imaging problem, there are many ways to solve the imaging problem, while not causing the loss of efficiency

Vacuum sputtering

1.Machine self-development, hardware and software research and development by their own research and development, in the operation of the application can be adjusted

2.Pulse power, enhanced adhesion, unique power supply design to strengthen the plasma ion kinetic energy, significantly enhance the adhesion

3.Elastic space design, can be double-sided and large size of the object coating, breaking the traditional 9cm limit

4.Target material effect varied, through the strengthening of the sputtering energy, allowing the product at the same time there are different metallic texture